Three stable hybridoma cell lines (AF8, BC11, CE2) have been produced that secrete antibodies specific for cathepsin B. These have been characterized by ELISA, SDS-PAGE immunostaining, immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescent staining. CE2 immunoprecipitated native cathepsin B with retention of enzymic activity, but failed to cross-react with the alkali-denatured enzyme. BC11 bound only to the denatured form of cathepsin B and AF8 cross-reacted with both native and denatured cathepsin B. However, unlike CE2-immunoprecipitated enzyme, activity could be detected only after dissociation of the antigen-AF8 antibody complex. No cross reaction was found with any lysosomal protein includihg the cysteine proteinases, catbepsins H and L.

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