Taurine transport by lactating gerbil mammary tissue has been examined. Taurine uptake is, mediated by a high-affinity system which is specific for β-amino acids. The uptake of taurine is Na+-dependent but appears not to be obligatorly dependent upon Cl. Thus, replacing Na+ with choline almost abolished taurine uptake. Substituting Cl with NO3 had no effect whereas SCN induced a small but significant increase in taurine influx. Taurine uptake was Na+-dependent under conditions where Cl had been replaced with NO3. However, it is apparent that the Na+-dependent taurine transport system requires the presence of a permeable anion because replacing Cl with gluconate markedly reduced taurine uptake. Cell-swelling, induced by a hyposmotic challenge, increased the efflux of taurine from gerbil mammary tissue via a pathway sensitive to niflumic acid.

Abbreviations Tris, (Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane; BES, (N,N-bis[2-hydroxyethyl]-2-aminoethane sulphonic acid);

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