Quantitative X-ray microanalysis of 8 elements was performed on ultrathin, freeze-dried sections of islets and pancreas pieces from non-inbred ob/ob-mice. Diffusion of elements was reduced to a minimum by rapidly freezing the tissue samples between nitrogen-cooled polished copper surfaces and avoiding the use of chemical fixatives and stains. The ultrastructural morphology was adequately maintained to allow measurements on secretory granules, mitochondria, cell nuclei, and cytoplasm free of these organelles. The distribution of the various elements between cellular compartments was similar in islet β-cells and exocrine pancreas cells. However, the insulin secretory granules were outstanding in exhibiting the highest concentrations of zinc and calcium. In comparison with cytoplasm in the β-cells, the insulin granules accumulated calcium 2-fold and zinc as much as 40-fold. As no correlation could be made for endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasmic measurements areas, the true accumulations above cytosol are likely to be even higher.

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