Bovine seminal plasma contains three similar acidic proteins, which we have previously designated as BSP-A1, BSP-A2, and BSP-A3. These proteins contain two homologous domains that are similar to type II structures present in the gelatin-binding domain of fibronectin. The present data have revealed that these proteins, like fibronectin, also form complexes with gelatin, a denatured collagen. Based on this property, a single step affinity purification method has been developed. In addition to these three proteins BSP-A1, −A2 and −A3, another protein with an apparent molecular weight of 30,000 dalton (named BSP-30-kDa) also bound to the gelatin-agarose column. Elution of these proteins from affinity columns using a linear gradient of either urea or arginine gave essentially the same pattern with a high yield of 90–95%. The purified proteins were homogeneous by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, amino acid composition and HPLC. Chromatography of bull seminal vesicular fluid also exhibited an elution pattern similar to that obtained for bull seminal plasma. The availability of these purified proteins should aid in understanding the physiology of these gelatin-binding proteins.

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