The present study aimed to investigate the underlying mechanism of miR-126a-3p in the proliferation, migration and invasion of trophoblast cells in pre-eclampsia-like rats by targeting A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease 9 (ADAM9). First, the interaction between miR-126a-3p and ADAM9 was confirmed via biochemical assays. Placental tissues and trophoblast cells were then obtained. RNA in situ hybridization was performed in order to detect miR-126a-3p expression in the placenta. Subsequently, a series of biological assays, including RT-qPCR, western blotting, MTT assay, apoptosis assay, cell cycle assay, wound healing assay and transwell assay were adopted in order to determine the cell proliferation, cell cycle distribution, apoptotic rate, and migration and invasion of trophoblast cells in each group. The results revealed that miR-126a-3p was downregulated in the placenta of pre-eclampsia-like rats. In vivo experiments results indicated that miR-126a-3p could inhibit ADAM9 expression, and induce cyclin D1, MMP-2, MMP-9 expression. MTT, apoptosis and cell cycle assay results revealed that trophoblast cells transfected with miR-126a-3p mimic or si-ADAM9 exhibited higher proliferative activity and a lower apoptotic rate compared with the blank group (all P<0.05). The wound healing assay and transwell assay results confirmed that, compared with the blank group, the migration and invasion ability of trophoblast cells in the miR-126a-3p mimic group and siRNA-ADAM9 group were significantly increased (all P<0.05). Conversely, miR-126a-3p inhibitor treatment revealed the opposite effect (all P<0.05). In conclusion, this study demonstrated that miR-126a-3p could enhance proliferation, migration and invasion, but decrease the apoptosis rate of trophoblast cells in pre-eclampsia-like rats through targeting ADAM9.

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