As a genetically heterogeneous ocular dystrophy, gene mutations with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa (arRP) in patients have not been well described. We aimed to detect the disease-causing genes and variants in a Chinese arRP family. In this study, a large Chinese pedigree consisting of 31 members including a proband and another two patients was recruited; clinical examinations were conducted; next-generation sequencing using a gene panel was used for identifying pathogenic genes and Sanger sequencing was performed for verification of mutations. Novel compound heterozygous variants c.G2504A (p.C835Y) and c.G6557A (p.G2186E) for the EYS gene were identified, which co-segregated with the clinical RP phenotypes. Sequencing of 100 ethnically matched normal controls didn’t found these mutations in EYS. Therefore, our study identified pathogenic variants in EYS that may cause arRP in this Chinese family. This is the first study to reveal the novel mutation in the EYS gene (c.G2504A, p.C835Y), extending its mutation spectrum. Thus, the EYS c.G2504A (p.C835Y) and c.G6557A (p.G2186E) variants may be the disease-causing missense mutations for RP in this large arRP family. These findings should be helpful for molecular diagnosis, genetic counseling and clinical management of arRP disease.

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