The complement factor I (CFI) gene polymorphisms have been reported to age-related macular degenerative (AMD) risk, nevertheless, above association is not consistent. We investigated a meta-analysis to evaluate the conclusions between CFI polymorphisms (rs10033900 and rs2285714) and AMD risk. An identification was covered with the PubMed and other databases through 8th Feb, 2020. Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were used to assess the strength of associations. After a comprehensive search, 11 different articles (12 case-control studies for total AMD, and 11 case-control studies about neovascular disease/geographic atrophy in AMD) were retrieved. Individuals carrying C-allele or CC genotype of rs10033900 polymorphism may have a decreased risk to be AMD disease. For example, there has a significantly decreased relationship between rs10033900 polymorphism and AMD both in the whole group, Caucasian population and population-based source of control. Moreover, a similar trend in subgroup of genotype method group by MALDI-TOF MS was detected. To classify the type of AMD in further, decreased association was also observed in both neovascular disease and geographic atrophy AMD. No association was found about rs2285714 polymorphism. Our present groundbreaking study suggests that the CFI rs10033900 polymorphism is potentially associated with the risk of AMD development.

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