Lipid synthesis is the recently found metabolism of cancer cells after their metastasis to Lymph Nodes (LNs). Carbonic acid is the main byproduct of the lipid metabolism in such cells which resulted in acidification of LN ambient. Hence calibrated pH sensing could be a diagnostic method to find involved LNs. Here we designed a simple pH sensing method by a syringe containing sterile PBS and embedded by litmus paper to intraoperatively check the pH of LN fluid. Injected Phosphate Buffer Saline (PBS) would homogenize the LN fluid and litmus needle would detect the pH of the LN. We presented an experimental pathological calibration for the pH values in correlation with cancerous states of the LNs. This system named Metabolism based Metastatic Lymph Diagnoser (MMLD) could be a real-time noninvasive tool for precise and fast diagnosis of involved LNs.

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