Purpose: Several RAB family genes have been studied extensively and proven to play pivotal roles in the occurrence and development of certain cancers. Here, we explored commonly expressed RAB family genes in humans and their prognostic significance using bioinformatics, and then identified potential biomarkers of breast invasive carcinoma (BRCA). Materials and methods: The prognostic values (overall survival) of RAB family genes in BRCA were obtained using Gene Expression Profiling Interactive Analysis (GEPIA). The expression patterns of RAB family genes and their relationships with clinicopathological parameters in BRCA were measured using the ONCOMINE and UALCAN databases, respectively. Genetic mutations and survival analysis were investigated using the cBio Cancer Genomics Portal (c-BioPortal). Interacting genes of potential biomarkers were identified using STRING, and functional enrichment analyses were performed using FunRich v3.1.3. Results: In total, 64 RAB genes were identified and analyzed in our study. Results showed that RAB1B, RAB2A, and RAB18 were up-regulated and significantly associated with poor overall survival in BRCA. Furthermore, their higher expression was positively correlated with clinicopathological parameters (e.g., cancer stage, nodal metastasis status). DNA copy number amplifications and mRNA up-regulation were the main genetic mutations, and the altered group showed significantly poorer overall survival compared to the unaltered group. Functional enrichment analysis of RAB1B, RAB2A, and RAB18 indicated they were closely involved in GTPase activity. Conclusions: RAB1B, RAB2A, and RAB18 were up-regulated and significantly correlated with poor prognosis in BRCA. Thus, they could be applied as novel biomarkers of BRCA in future studies.

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