Background: Total saponins from Rubus parvifolius L. (TSRP) is the main bioactive fractions responsible for the antitumor activities. The work was aimed to evaluate the anti-tumor effect of TSRP in malignant melanoma in vitro and in vivo. Methods and Results: Anti melanoma cell proliferation, invasion and migration effect of TSRP were detected in human malignant melanoma A375 cells under the indicated time and dosages. In vivo anti-tumor effect of TSRP was measured in A375 xenograft immunodeficient nude mice. Sixty A375 xenografts were randomly divided into five groups: Vehicle, cyclophosphamide (CTX, 20 mg/kg), TSRP (25 mg/kg), TSRP (50 mg/kg) and TSRP (100 mg/kg) groups for 14 days’ treatment. In addition, the melanoma cell metastasis in lung in vivo of TSRP was detected in A375 tail vein injection mice, and the histopathalogical analysis of the metastasis lung was detected by H & E stating. TSRP was significantly inhibited the cell proliferation, invasion and migration of A375 in vitro at the indicated time and dosages. TSRP treatment was effectively blocked the tumor growth in immunodeficient nude mice. In addition, TSRP was also significantly inhibited the melanoma metastasis of lung. Conclusion: This study indicated that the TSRP has a remarkable anti malignant melanoma effect, which mainly through the inhibition of the cell invasion,migration and tumor metastasis.

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