Background: Mitochondria-nuclear cross talk and mitochondrial retrograde regulation are involved in the genesis and development of breast cancer (BC). The present study aimed to construct regulatory network and seek the potential biomarkers of BC diagnosis and prognosis as well as the molecular therapeutic targets from the perspective of mitochondrial dysfunction. Methods: The microarray data of mitochondria-related encoding genes in BC cell lines were downloaded from GEO including GSE128610 and GSE72319. GSE128610 was treated as test set and validation sets consisted of GSE72319 and TCGA tissue samples, intending to identify mitochondria-related differentially expressed genes (mrDEGs). We performed enrichment analysis, PPI network, hub mrDEGs and overall survival analysis and constructed transcription factor (TF)-miRNA-hub mrDEGs network. Results: A total of 23 up-regulated and 71 down-regulated mrDEGs were identified and validated in BC cell lines and tissues. Enrichment analyses indicated that mrDEGs were associated with several cancer-related biological processes. Moreover, 9 hub mrDEGs were identified and validated in BC cell lines and tissues. Finally, 5 hub coregulated mrDEGs, 21 miRNAs and 117 TFs were used to construct TF-miRNA-hub mrDEGs network. MAZ, HDGF and SP2 regulated 3 hub mrDEGs. Hsa-mir-21-5p, hsa-mir-1-3p, hsa-mir-218-5p, hsa-mir-26a-5p and hsa-mir-335-5p regulated 2 hub mrDEGs. Overall survival analysis suggested that the up-regulation of FN1, as well as the down-regulation of DDR2 correlated with unfavorable prognosis in BC. Conclusion: TF-miRNA-hub mrDEGs had instruction significance for the exploration of BC etiology. The hub mrDEGs such as FN1 and DDR2 were likely to be novel biomarkers for BC diagnosis and prognosis.

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