Background: ACE gene polymorphisms have recently been shown to be associated with risk of developing left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). However, the results were controversial. We aimed to conduct this meta-analysis to further confirm the association between ACE rs4646994 polymorphism and HCM/DCM. Methods: PubMed, EMBASE, the Chinese national knowledge information database, and Wan fang databases were searched for eligible studies. The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale was used to evaluate the quality of included studies. Then we evaluated the association between ACE gene mutation and HCM/DCM by calculating odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals. Subgroup analysis was further performed to explore situations in specialized subjects. Sensitivity analysis and publication bias was assessed to confirm the study reliability. Results: There were 13 studies on DCM (2004 cases and 1376 controls) and 16 studies on HCM (2161 controls and 1192 patients). ACE rs4646994 polymorphism was significantly associated with DCM in all genetic models. However, in HCM, four genetic models (allele model, homozygous model, heterozygous model and dominant model) showed significant association between ACE rs4646994 polymorphism and DCM. In subgroup analysis, we found that ACE rs4646994 polymorphism was significantly associated with DCM / HCM in Asian population. Finally, we also conducted a cumulative meta-analysis, which indicates that the results of our meta-analysis are highly reliable. Conclusion: ACE rs4646994 polymorphism increases the risk of DCM / HCM in Asian, but not in Caucasian. More case-control studies are needed to strengthen our conclusions and to assess the gene-gene and gene-environment interactions between ACE rs4646994 polymorphism and DCM / HCM.

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