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Bionanotechnology and Synthetic Biology: applications in precision medicine and allied fields

Open for submissions

This Bioscience Reports themed collection, is guest edited by:

  • Dr Deepak Balaji Thimiri Govindaraj, CSIR South Africa
  • Dr Kakoli Bose, Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer, India

Bionanotechnology and Synthetic Biology are emerging areas of applied biomedical research that utilize cutting-edge plug and play technologies to seek answers to intriguing research questions in various domains including precision medicine. Bionanotechnology, that was initially envisaged and later developed on the basis of macromolecular self-assembly in the biological network systems, has recently joined hands with synthetic biology to reshape the future of precision medicine. In this themed collection in Bioscience Reports, we aim at integrating the advancements in both these fields of research in the forms of review and original research articles, with a focus on precision medicine as well as touching on allied fields including genomics, proteomics, clinical studies, metabolomics, microbiome, food safety, bioconversions and agriculture.

We welcome the submission of review articles and original research papers in the field, with a particular focus on work from early career researchers. Please contact the Editorial Office for more information.

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