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Human DNA repair - new knowledge, new therapeutic targets

Open for submissions

This Bioscience Reports themed collection, is guest edited by Dr Andrew Cubbon and Dr Ed Bolt

DNA repair proteins rescue human cells from death and malfunction caused by DNA damage and mutilation. Deepening understanding of these proteins, their mechanisms, and their interplay with other processes, is crucial to the development of new chemotherapeutics – as seen from the development of PARP inhibitors and the emergence of new knowledge through exploiting the concept of synthetic lethality. In addition, as our understanding of cancer biology develops, new targets are being identified for potential cancer therapies. This themed collection for Bioscience Reports will highlight new knowledge of human cancer biology and new protein targets that may lead to development of new cancer therapies. This collection invites contributions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamental biology of genome instability and DNA damage repair relevant to cancer
  • Identification of novel targets for disease or cancer therapies
  • Screening strategies and methods for identification of novel gene and/or protein targets
  • Progress in drug development for novel targets
  • The current state of drug discovery and refinement against established targets, such as PARP and WRN

We welcome review articles, commentaries, and brief reports of original research in these areas. We especially welcome submissions from early career researchers. You are invited to contact the Editorial Office for more information.

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