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Biosci Rep (2022) BSR20212549.
Published: 23 May 2022
... expression of adiponectin receptor and cellular uptake of glucose and fatty acids. In addition, adiponectin activated the 5′ adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase (AMPK) signaling pathway. The above results suggested that adiponectin reduced intracellular lipid content, mainly by binding...
Biosci Rep (2021) 41 (6): BSR20203639.
Published: 21 June 2021
...) and inactivation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) pathway, HPA-s were obtained and divided into three groups: Control group: cells were cultured under normal conditions; CIH group: cells were cultured in a three-gas incubator (10% O 2 ); Butyric acid group: 10 mmol/l butyric acid added into cell culture...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biosci Rep (2021) 41 (4): BSR-20190819_RET.
Published: 22 April 2021
... The authors have been contacted by the Journal specifically in regard to the retraction, but have not responded directly to the queries and concerns raised. Given the extent of the issues raised, the Editorial Board stand by the decision to retract the article. AMPK Capsaicin cell...
Biosci Rep (2020) 40 (11): BSR20200661.
Published: 19 November 2020
... that Sop significantly mitigated TAC-induced heart dysfunction, cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and cardiac fibrosis. Mechanistically, Sop treatment induced a remarkable activation of AMPK/mTORC1-autophagy cascade following sustained hypertrophic stimulation. Importantly, the protective effect of Sop was largely...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biosci Rep (2020) 40 (7): BSR-20190819_EOC.
Published: 02 July 2020
... AMPK Capsaicin cell invasion cell migration ESCC The Editorial Office has been made aware of potential issues surrounding the scientific validity of this paper, hence has issued an expression of concern to notify readers whilst the Editorial Office investigates. © 2020 The Author...
Biosci Rep (2020) 40 (1): BSR20192774.
Published: 14 January 2020
... mechanism is poorly understood. Herein, we investigate how EPS1-1 induces apoptosis of CRC cells in vitro and in vivo . Our results show that, in vitro , EPS1-1 suppressed cell growth and facilitated apoptosis in a dose- and time-dependent manner by activating the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) pathway...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (12): BSR20192504.
Published: 13 December 2019
...Xiang-zi Zhang; Mo-han Zhang; Xue-sen Fang; Xiang-shu Cui; Zheng Jin To observe changes in AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activity and phosphorylation changes in AMPK signaling pathway in gastric smooth muscle cells of rats with diabetic gastroparesis (DGP), investigate the effect of AMPK...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (12): BSR20191860.
Published: 04 December 2019
... banding. Four weeks post-surgery, CRA-treated mice developed blunted cardiac hypertrophy, fibrosis, and dysfunction, and showed increased LC3 II and p-AMPK expression. In line with the in vivo studies, CRA also inhibited the hypertrophic response induced by PE stimulation accompanying with increased LC3...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (9): BSR20181994.
Published: 03 September 2019
... also been implicated in the development of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and other diseases, and also involved in the regulation of several signaling pathways such as proliferation, apoptosis and autophagy, and insulin resistance. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), an essential cellular energy...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (8): BSR20190819.
Published: 05 August 2019
..., phosphorylated AMPK levels were significantly up-regulated, and this effect was eliminated by the AMPK inhibitor Compound C treatment. In addition, capsaicin can enhance sirtuin1 (SIRT1) expression, which could activate nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) through deacetylation, and activate AMPK inducing...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (5): BSR20182378.
Published: 14 May 2019
... cells treated with emodin alone. # P <0.05 vs. SH-SY5Y cells treated with zinc alone. Studies have shown that AMPK and ACC were involved in cytotoxicity and cell death [ 23–25 ]. Thus, we further investigated the AMPK and ACC expression of zinc-exposed SH-SY5Y cells in the presence...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (4): BSR20181286.
Published: 05 April 2019
...-regulated levels of phosphorylated adenosine 5′-monophoshate-activated protein kinase (p-AMPK), and stimulated expression and translocation of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4). JTW-medicated serum induced significantly greater up-regulation of p-AMPK and GLUT4 than either RC or cinnamon-medicated serum. JTW...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (2): BSR20181995.
Published: 15 February 2019
... is crucial in addition to hypoglycemic effect before clinical prescription. Adenosine 5′-monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is an important cell energy sensor, which plays an important role in regulating myocardial energy metabolism, reducing ischemia and ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (1): BSR20181767.
Published: 03 January 2019
... processes can result in HF. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), an energy sensor, has pleiotropic cardioprotective effects and plays a critical role in the progression of HF. In this review, we highlight that AMPK can not only improve the energy supply in the failing heart by promoting ATP production...
Biosci Rep (2019) 39 (1): BSR20180902.
Published: 03 January 2019
...Ping Sun; Jun-Bo Yin; Li-Hua Liu; Jian Guo; Sheng-Hai Wang; Chun-Hui Qu; Chun-Xia Wang The aim of the present study was to understand the possible role of the Dihydromyricetin (DHM) in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) rat model through regulation of the AMPK/SIRT1 signaling pathway. Rats were divided...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biosci Rep (2018) 38 (4): BSR20170982.
Published: 18 July 2018
...Yanhui Li; Yan Wang; Man Zou; Cong Chen; Yili Chen; Ruicong Xue; Yugang Dong; Chen Liu AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a serine/threonine protein kinase, has been shown to exert a protective effect against cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure. Our previous reports have demonstrated that AMPK...
Biosci Rep (2018) 38 (3): BSR20180242.
Published: 08 May 2018
...Audrey E. Brown; Beth Dibnah; Emily Fisher; Julia L. Newton; Mark Walker Skeletal muscle fatigue and post-exertional malaise are key symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). We have previously shown that AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activation and glucose...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biosci Rep (2016) 36 (3): e00346.
Published: 17 June 2016
... phosphorylation of mTOR and decreased phosphorylation of AMPK ( P <0.05). Branched-chain amino transferase 2 (BCAT2) mRNA level was not influenced by DEX ( P >0.05) but was increased by leucine supplementation at a dose of 5 mmol/l ( P <0.05). 1 These authors contributed equally to the study...
Biosci Rep (2014) 34 (2): e00105.
Published: 15 April 2014
... (circulating tumour cells) are metabolic and genetically heterogeneous. There is now special interest in unravelling the mechanisms that allow the reminiscence of dormant tumour lesions that might be related to late disease progression and increased risk of recurrence. AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase...