Our previous work in heart cells showed that the nuclear envelope membranes possess receptors, such as those for angiotensin II. Using non-working single cells from the hearts of 10-day chick embryos and the confocal microscopy technique, our present results show that stimulation of endothelin-1 (ET-1) receptors at the sarcolemma membrane induced a dose-dependent sustained increase in basal cytosolic and nuclear calcium levels that was insensitive to the ETA and ETB receptor antagonists BQ123 and BQ788. The cytosolic application of ET-1 induced a dose-dependent increase in the sustained basal nuclear Ca2+ concentration that was insensitive to BQ123 and BQ788. The ET-1 receptors at the nuclear envelope membrane were more sensitive to ET-1 than those located at the sarcolemma membrane of heart cells. Cytosolic application of ET-1 prevented sustained basal cytosolic Ca2+ uptake by the nuclei. The use of an ET-1 fluorescent probe demonstrated the presence of ET-1 receptors at both the sarcolemma membrane and the nuclear envelope membrane. Thus our results suggest that ET-1 receptors that are insensitive to BQ123 and BQ788 are present at both the sarcolemma and nuclear envelope membranes. Extracellular and cytosolic ET-1 may play a role in regulating basal cytosolic and nuclear Ca2+ levels in heart cells.

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