The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of GLP-1 [glucagon-like peptide-1-(7–36)-amide] on total pancreatic, islet and intestinal blood perfusion in spontaneously hyperglycaemic GK rats and normal Wistar rats using a microsphere technique. GK rats had hyperglycaemia and increased pancreatic and islet blood flow. Blood glucose concentrations were not affected when measured shortly (8 min) after GLP-1 administration in either GK or Wistar rats. GLP-1 had no effects on baseline pancreatic or islet blood flow in Wistar rats, but did prevent the blood flow increase normally seen following glucose administration to these animals. In GK rats, administration of GLP-1 decreased both pancreatic and islet blood flow. Glucose administration to the GK rats decreased pancreatic and islet blood flow. This decrease was not affected by pre-treatment with GLP-1. We conclude that administration of GLP-1 leads to a decrease in the augmented blood flow seen in islets of diabetic GK rats. The GLP-1-induced action on islet blood perfusion may modulate output of islet hormones and contribute to the antidiabetogenic effects of the drug in Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes).

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