This editorial introduces a special themed issue of Clinical Science on vascular causes of dementia, particularly small vessel disease (SVD), the commonest cause of vascular dementia and a central common pathway in the pathogenesis of stroke and dementia.

The themed issue, initiated by the Vascular Experimental Theme of the Dementia Platform UK (DPUK), will include critical reviews on several key topics from experts in the field–these are in progress–but we are also keen to receive proffered reviews and original work addressing molecular and translational topics that aim to unravel the complex and multifactorial processes that contribute to development and clinical expression of human cerebral SVD. It complements a workshop, to be held in January 2017, bringing together researchers in dementia and stroke to discuss the multifactorial mechanisms contributing to neurodegeneration acting around the complex vascular–brain interface, including models, their relevance and ways to ensure reliability.

These are interesting times for...

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