Transient receptor potential channel 5 (TrpC5) is a member of the TrpC subgroup, and it forms a receptor-activated, non-selective Ca2+ channel. The architecture of the TrpC5 channel is poorly understood. In the present study, we report that TrpC5 is a key factor in regulating differentiation in colorectal cancer (CRC). Through a study of specimens from a large cohort of patients with CRC, we found that TrpC5 was highly expressed and its cellular level correlated with tumour grade. We showed further that up-regulated TrpC5 caused a robust rise in intracellular calcium concentration [Ca2+]i, increased Wnt5a expression and the nuclear translocation of β-catenin, leading to a reduction in cancer differentiation and an increase in cancer cell stemness. Notably, patients with tumours that expressed high levels of TrpC5 showed significantly poorer disease-free and overall survival. Therefore, our findings suggest that TrpC5 is an independent adverse prognostic factor for death in CRC, reducing differentiation through the Ca2+/Wnt5a signalling pathway.

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