1. Four women suffering from senile osteoporosis have been treated for 55–60 days with 25 MRC Units per day of porcine thyrocalcitonin with the following metabolic results:

  • (a)

    slight diminution of plasma, urinary and endogenous faecal calcium levels;

  • (b)

    slight diminution of plasma phosphate level and urinary phosphate clearance;

  • (c)

    lowering of serum alkaline phosphatase values;

  • (d)

    diminution of urinary hydroxyproline excretion;

  • (e)

    modification of calcium balance toward positive, due to decreased urinary and faecal calcium and to an improvement in intestinal absorption.

2. 47Calcium kinetic studies demonstrated:

  • (a)

    a slower decline in the specific activity curve after thyrocalcitonin treatment;

  • (b)

    a slower decline in bone uptake values;

  • (c)

    a decrease of ‘calcium miscible pool’, ‘calcium turnover rate’, ‘accretion rate’ and ‘resorption rate’ calculated by the method of Aubert & Milhaud (1960).

3. Differences in radiological bone patterns were not observed despite an improvement in the pain after treatment.

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