1. Static and dynamic lung volumes (VC, FEV1, FRC, ERV, RV and TLC) have been determined in 291 adult healthy Nigerians (174 males and 117 females).

2. Prediction formulae of various authors on Caucasians and South African Bantu have been applied to the Nigerian data. The results show significantly smaller VC, FEV1, FRC, RV, TLC and RV/TLC in Nigerians than in Caucasians. The VC, FEV1 and FRC of Nigerians were similar to those of South African Bantu.

3. ERV values were similar to those previously reported by other authors for Caucasians. The combination of lower RV values and similar ERV indicates the possibility of less ‘basal airway closure’ in Nigerians.

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