1. Five men with borderline, latent arterial hypertension of the hyperkinetic type were studied haemodynamically at rest and during dynamic exercise before and after a 6-week period of supervised physical training.

2. Tendencies to lower heart rate, cardiac output and arterial blood pressure, both at rest and during a standardized work-load, were observed after the training period, with significant differences between paired observations for the heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure during exercise. The systemic vascular resistance being unchanged, there was a certain trend to an increased widening of the arteriovenous oxygen difference, both at rest and during exercise.

3. The present findings from a small number of subjects indicate that physical conditioning of patients with latent hypertension of the hyperkinetic type contributes to a normalization of their circulation toward a normokinetic one, thereby also normalizing their blood pressure level and achieving a more economic energy expenditure in the cardiovascular system.

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