1. The daily excretion of oxalate, calcium, magnesium and creatinine was determined in fifty-two normal men and sixty-five male patients with calcium oxalate-containing renal stones.

2. Direct relationships were found between calcium and oxalate excretion, magnesium and oxalate excretion and calcium and magnesium excretion in both normal subjects and stone-formers. The significance of these relationships is discussed.

3. The mean excretion of calcium and oxalate was significantly higher in the stone-formers, compared with the controls, both calcium and oxalate excretion being raised by about 20%.

4. The effect of oral ingestion of glucose and casein on the rate of excretion of calcium, magnesium, oxalate and phosphate was examined. Glucose increased the rate of calcium and magnesium excretion but had no effect on oxalate excretion and suppressed phosphate excretion. Casein also increased calcium excretion but had little or no effect on magnesium or oxalate excretion, and it increased phosphate excretion.

5. The association of high calcium excretion with high oxalate excretion, in both normal subjects and stone-formers, results in a high degree of supersaturation of the urine with respect to calcium oxalate. The implication of these findings with respect to the cause and treatment of calcium oxalate stones is discussed.

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