1. A comparative study has been made of glycyl-l-leucine hydrolase activity in the soluble and particulate fractions of intestinal mucosa from monkey, guinea-pig, rabbit and rat. The specific activity of the soluble enzyme is very high in monkey and guinea-pig, and lower in rabbit and rat. The particulate enzymes from all the four species show low specific activities and form 1–10% of the total activity.

2. The pH optima in all cases lie in the range 7·6–7·8. The Km values of the substrate were similar for both soluble and particulate enzyme from monkey and guinea-pig, but in the rabbit and rat the Km value with the particulate enzyme was higher than with the soluble enzyme.

3. The particulate enzyme activity in all cases was the highest in the distal regions of the intestine, whereas the soluble enzyme showed maximal activity in the proximal and middle regions.

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