1. The oral administration of propan-2-ol [isopropanol; 100 mmol (6 g)/kg body weight] or ethanol [130 mmol (6 g)/kg body weight] to starved rats produced no change in plasma post-heparin lipase activity (PHLA) compared with that observed in 154 mmol/l sodium chloride (saline)-treated rats.

2. An increase of adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase (LLA) and a decrease of heart LLA occurred in isopropanol-treated animals, whereas no significant changes were found in these activities after ethanol administration.

3. Since administration of isopropanol produces hyperglycaemia, observations were also made in rats receiving glucose infusion rather than saline. In these animals a rise in PHLA and adipose tissue LLA, and a fall in heart LLA, occurred.

4. It is suggested that the changes in tissue LLA produced by isopropanol are mediated by the rise in blood glucose.

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