1. The effect of single and combined infusions of angiotensin and aldosterone on colonic potential difference, blood pressure and renal function was studied in two normal male subjects and four female patients with adrenal deficiency maintained only on cortisone.

2. Aldosterone had its usual effect on colonic potential difference and it was possible to show that angiotensin had a small but definite effect of its own in the absence of aldosterone. The two hormones produced a summation response when given together.

3. The effects on renal function in two normal young male subjects were similar to those known previously. The response of the patients was different and probably reflected a number of factors, such as age, sex and long-standing adrenal deficiency.

4. Although the numbers were small, both normal subjects and patients showed a significantly greater rise of blood pressure with combined infusions of angiotensin and aldosterone than with angiotensin alone. The plasma concentrations of angiotensin were similar with both types of infusion, and so increased sensitivity to angiotensin in the presence of aldosterone is postulated.

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