1. Antibodies against angiotensin II were purified by affinity chromatography.

2. When injected intravenously into rats, the antibody distributed in the extracellular space with a half-time of 11 h and a distribution volume of about 10 ml/100 g body weight. The antibody was eliminated with a half-time of 7 days.

3. Plasma angiotensin II concentrations increased about 100-fold the control values 7 min after antibody injection and declined in parallel with the antibody concentration. It was calculated that only about 1–4% of the binding capacity of the antibody was occupied by angiotensin throughout the experiment.

4. Since the plasma renin concentration was normal, except during the short initial phase of stimulation, it is concluded that upon antibody injection the renin-angiotensin system rapidly, reached an equilibrium, with concentrations of free angiotensin close to or identical with normal concentrations.

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