1. Renal venous prostaglandin concentrations (PGA, PGE and PGF) were determined, together with renal plasma flow, urinary output and blood pressure changes, before and after infusion of sodium chloride solution (saline) in four normotensive and three hypertensive subjects.

2. No changes in blood pressure and in glomerular filtration rate were observed.

3. Saline infusion induced a significant increase in renal venous PGA and PGE, and also in total and non-cortical renal plasma flow and urinary output. There was an insignificant increase in renal venous PGF.

4. These findings show that prostaglandin release after saline infusion is associated with changes in renal blood flow and suggest that the natriuretic and diuretic effect of saline could be the result of prostaglandin release.

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