1. The isolated perfused kidneys of fed rats in normal acid-base status showed a constant rate of lactate removal from the perfusate between 5 and 90 min of perfusion at a perfusate pH of 7·4–7·5.

2. Lactate removal by kidneys of rats in normal acid-base status was stimulated within 30 min by a reduction in perfusate pH to 7·1–7·2, but depressed when perfusate pH was reduced further.

3. Kidneys taken from rats previously made acidotic and perfused with media of various pH values showed a progressive fall in the rate of lactate removal during the perfusion.

4. Glucose output by the kidneys of rats in normal acid—base status perfused with lactate as substrate was not affected by an alteration in perfusate pH. The kidneys of acidotic rats generally showed an increased rate of glucose output compared with those of control rats.

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