1. The angiotensin analogues Sar1-Ala8-angiotensin II (AII), Sar1-Ile8-AII, Sar1-Leu8-AII, Sar1-Thr8-AII, [Des1-Asp]-Ile8-AII and [Des1-Asp]-Sar2-Ile8-AII and converting enzyme inhibitor (SQ 80221) infused by intra-adrenal arterial infusion had no effect on aldosterone secretion in sodium-deficient sheep at doses in excess of those shown to block exogenous angiotensin II or III infusion.

2. It is suggested that the intrinsic agonist activity of the analogues may fulfil the requirements for a permissive role for angiotensin in the aldosterone response to sodium deficiency.

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