1. Propranolol was administered to groups of mature rats before and during the development of renal hypertension induced by ligation of the aorta between the renal arteries.

2. At a dose 10 μmol (3 mg) of propranolol/kg, administered by intraperitoneal injection, the onset and severity of hypertension were not affected, although plasma renin concentration was significantly lower than in the untreated hypertensive rats in the first 5 days after the operation.

3. With 200 μmol (60 mg) of propranolol/kg, administered in the drinking water, peak blood pressure 5 days after aortic ligation was lower than in the untreated control rats, but plasma renin concentration was no lower than with the smaller dose.

4. The development of severe hypertension despite reduction in plasma renin concentration on the low dose of propranolol suggests the participation of renal vasopressor factors other than renin in this model.

5. A higher dose of propranolol reduced the rise in plasma concentration to an equal extent but the rise of blood pressure at 5 days was also reduced, which supports this concept.

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