1. We have examined the response of renin to chronic low and high sodium chloride intake in rats with transplanted phaeochromocytoma.

2. Phaeochromocytoma suppressed the usual elevated plasma renin activity observed during sodium deprivation.

3. Studies in isolated perfused kidneys indicated that sodium-deprived phaeochromocytoma rats released substantially less renin than sodium-deprived control rats despite an almost identical renal renin content in both sets of animals. In addition, low perfusion pressure (50 mmHg) failed to stimulate renin release in kidneys from these phaeochromocytoma rats.

4. Additional experiments demonstrated that chronic sodium chloride loading suppressed plasma renin activity, renin content and renin release in both phaeochromocytoma and control rats. Both sodium-loaded phaeochromocytoma and sodium-loaded control rats were unresponsive to low perfusion pressure.

5. We conclude that noradrenaline-secreting phaeochromocytoma impairs the response of plasma renin activity in the rat by inhibiting renin release. We also conclude that chronic sodium chloride loading has a similar effect, but the mechanisms remain to be determined.

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