1. Pulmonary and systemic haemodynamics during repeated exercise were studied in 28 patients with chronic lung disease of various etiology, 16 of whom suffered from chronic bronchitis. They performed a moderate exercise repeated after a 20 min rest period. Ventilatory variables, blood gas tensions, cardiac output and vascular pressures (right ventricular end-diastolic, pulmonary arterial, wedge and systemic arterial) were measured at rest, during exercise and again at rest and during the same exercise.

2. Ventilation and blood gas tensions were similar during the two rest and exercise periods; there was, however, a slightly significant difference in oxygen consumption and hydrogen ion concentration between the first and the second exercise period. Pulmonary arterial and wedge pressures were lower during the second rest and exercise, right ventricular filling pressure was lower at rest, and systemic arterial pressure during the second exercise. Cardiac output and pulmonary vascular resistance were unchanged.

3. Changes in systemic arterial pressure were significantly different in a group of patients with arterial oxygen desaturation or perfusion defects, compared with those patients without such impairment.

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