1. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of reinfused water, electrolytes and urea in the diuresis and natriuresis of urine reinfusion.

2. Three groups of rats underwent 5 h of urine reinfusion. The first group served as a control, and during urine reinfusion the urinary volume and sodium excretion increased to 10 or 12 times control values.

3. In a second group, urine reinfusion was followed by 2 h of infusion of Ringer solution at a rate equal to the urine flow rate; 71% of the diuresis and 75% of the natriuresis resulting from urine reinfusion were maintained.

4. In a third group, urine reinfusion was followed by infusion of Ringer solution with urea added. The infusion rate was equal to urine flow rate and the concentration of urea was equal to that in the urine; 98% of the diuresis and 102% of the natriuresis were maintained.

5. These results indicate that the majority of urine-reinfusion diuresis and natriuresis is due to reinfused volume and electrolytes, and the remainder, in these experiments at least, could be explained by the reinfused urea. Therefore there was no need to postulate additional urinary natriuretic factors to explain the results of urine reinfusion.

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