1. Biopsies of rectal mucosa were obtained for histology and enzyme analysis from 32 patients with inflammatory and functional bowel disorders, and the biopsies were classified morphologically as active colitis, quiescent colitis or normal.

2. Supernatant fractions of biopsy homogenates were assayed for their content of the proteolytic enzymes α-chymotrypsin, elastase and cathepsin D, and of protein, unsaturated vitamin B12-binding capacity, lysozyme, myeloperoxidase and N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase.

3. Mean unsaturated vitamin B12-binding capacity was significantly raised above normal in the active colitic mucosa, and mean lysozyme activity was raised above normal in both active and quiescent mucosae.

4. In active colitic mucosa there was no rise above normal in mean activities of any of the proteolytic enzymes, though a significant fall below normal occurred in mean N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase activity in the active colitic group.

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