1. Renal cortical homogenates of the dog were subjected to sieve separation, a Nucleopore Filter being used to separate the renin granules.

2. The molecular weight of renin in the granules was estimated to be about 40 000 by gel filtration. Renin was converted into a higher-molecular-weight form (60 000) by mixing with cytosol in the presence of sodium tetrathionate, a thiol inhibitor.

3. When cytosol was pretreated with acid (pH 30) or heating (100°C), the molecular-weight conversion did not occur.

4. Cytosol was separated into three parts by gel filtration. Fraction A included substances with a molecular weight of over 47 000, fraction B from 47 000 to 32 000, and fraction C from 32 000 to 15 000. The mixture of renin in the granules with fraction A and sodium tetrathionate resulted in the formation of a higher-molecular-weight form of the enzyme, but no change in molecular weight was detected when renin was mixed with fractions B or C and sodium tetrathionate.

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