1. Changes in left ventricular structure and function were assessed by echocardiography in 22 patients before and after 9 months blood pressure control.

2. Nine patients had normal baseline echocardiograms (group 1) and 13 had echocardiographic evidence of left ventricular hypertrophy (group 2).

3. Group 2 patients demonstrated significant reductions in posterior wall thickness (P<0.01), septal wall thickness (P<0.025) and left ventricular mass (P<0.005). Only six of the 13 patients showed a reduction of ≥3 mm in posterior wall thickness. The remainder showed no alteration or only a slight non-significant reduction.

4. The regression of voltage in some patients but not in others did not appear to be related to initial blood pressure, the extent of the fall in blood pressure or duration of follow-up. It was not possible to say whether any specific therapy was beneficial to regression since most of the patients were on multiple therapy.

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