1. The effect of the β-adrenoceptor agonist isoprenaline on the secretion of active and inactive renin was investigated in two preparations.

2. in ten urethane-anaesthetized rabbits isoprenaline, given as a renal artery infusion, had relatively minor effects on renal sodium excretion (increased) and systemic arterial blood pressure (decreased). Urine volume, potassium excretion, creatinine clearance and serum electrolytes were all unchanged. Plasma active and inactive renin both increased immediately and returned to basal values after ceasing the isoprenaline infusion.

3. No significant changes in either plasma renin activity or renal function were observed in a group of ten control animals.

4. The magnitude of the isoprenaline-induced changes in plasma active renin was similar to that in a previous study of frusemide diuresis, but the time course was quite different. Inactive renin disappeared from plasma during frusemide diuresis.

5. Renin release by rabbit kidney cortex slices was also studied. Isoprenaline, added to the incubation medium, caused a dose-related increase in active renin secretion, but inactive renin release remained unchanged. This is in marked constrast to a previous study where reducing [Na+] increased active renin and inhibited inactive renin output.

6. These data support our previous suggestion that activation of inactive renin is regulated by a sodium-sensitive intrarenal mechanism.

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