1. Poly(A)+ mRNA from mouse submaxillary gland encodes a polypeptide of molecular weight 48 000 (48K polypeptide) which is abundant in the male.

2. This polypeptide is selectively absent in the translation products of mRNA from a strain of genetically renin-deficient mice C57 BL/10J.

3. The 48K polypeptide binds and co-elutes in identical fashion with pure authentic renin on pepstatin affinity chromatography.

4. Immunoprecipitation of translation products of male glandular mRNA with renin-specific antibody yielded this 48K band upon analysis by SDS/polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and fluorography. Pure renin of molecular weight 37 000 blocked the binding of this polypeptide to antirenin antibody.

5. Mouse submaxillary gland synthesizes a renin precursor. The renin mRNA is androgenically regulated.

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