1. A human urinary thermostable glycoprotein (ABG-TsU) believed to be a homologue of the plasma aldosterone-binding globulin (ABG) was isolated and purified by differential ultra-filtration, ion-exchange chromatography and gel filtration to electrophoretic homogeneity; it showed a charge heterogeneity in electrofocussing.

2. ABG-TsU was administered intraperitoneally to male rats in small daily doses (7 μg/day per rat). Sustained hypertension developed in 5–8 days.

3. The treated rats showed no changes in plasma electrolytes, aldosterone or plasma renin activity; however, a significant increase in heart weight was observed.

4. This hypertension appears to be adrenal dependent since it is prevented by bilateral adrenalectomy or administration of an aldosterone antagonist, but not by adrenalectomy when aldosterone is given concomitantly with ABG-TsU.

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