1. Freshly voided urine from healthy subjects was pooled and ultrafiltered (10 000 daltons). The ultrafiltrable and the macromolecular portions were preincubated with calcium oxalate, uric acid and sodium urate crystals and the effects on the inhibitory activity of calcium oxalate crystal growth assessed by monitoring the disappearance of [14C]oxalate from the solution.

2. The inhibitory activity of the ultrafiltrate was higher than that of the urinary macro-molecular fraction. Both uninhibited and inhibited crystal growth processes followed second-order kinetics.

3. Calcium oxalate crystals adsorbed almost all the urinary macromolecular inhibitors whereas sodium urate or uric acid crystals adsorbed only 10–20%.

4. In the presence of a metastable solution of calcium oxalate, the incubation of the urinary macromolecular fraction with sodium urate crystals caused a pronounced reduction in the inhibitory activity. A similar effect was seen with uric acid crystals, but to a lesser degree.

5. We conclude that the effect of sodium urate or uric acid crystals alone on naturally occurring urinary macromolecular inhibitors of calcium oxalate crystal growth is weak, but that in the presence of metastable calcium oxalate this is greatly enhanced. A substantial adsorption of the inhibitors on to the crystals is suggested, possibly secondary to epitaxial growth of calcium oxalate on the surface of the urate crystals.

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