1. A micro-partition centrifugal ultrafiltration technique has been used to monitor the percentage of[14C]glycocholate,[3H]glycochenodeoxycholate and[3H]glycochenodepxycholate-3-sulphate bound to serum proteins of patients with cholestatic liver disease.

2. in comparison with normal individuals the percentage of binding of [14C]glycocholate and, to a lesser extent, of [3H]glycochenodeoxycholate and [3H]glycochenodeoxycholate-3-sulphate was reduced.

3. The binding of [14C]glycocholate was inversely related to the serum bile salt and bilirubin concentrations. in contrast, the binding of [3H]glycochenodeoxycholate and [3H]glycochenodeoxycholate-3-sulphate were not altered by the severity of the cholestasis.

4. Studies in vitro indicated that the reduction in the binding of [14C]glycocholate in cholestatic liver disease was not due to high concentrations of bile salts, unconjugated bilirubin or fatty acids.

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