1. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the hepatic content of bilirubin could influence liver 4-nitrophenolglucuronosyltransferase (4-NP-GT) in the Gunn rat.

2. In animals fed on a 45% lipid diet, compared with rats fed on a normal lipid diet (3%), the bilirubin content of the hepatic microsomal fraction decreased and the bilirubin/protein ratio was reduced. 4-NP-GT activities were comparable in both groups.

3. Administration of clofibrate to Gunn rats greatly enhanced the bilirubin content of liver microsomal fraction. Since this treatment raised the microsomal protein content, the bilirubin/protein ratio was not modified. No significant change in 4-NP-GT was noted.

4. After bilirubin perfusion in Gunn and Wistar rats, no change was observed in hepatic monooxygenase activities or in 4-NP-GT, although the bilirubin/protein ratio was dramatically increased in the microsomal fraction.

5. From these results the low activity of liver 4-NP-GT in Gunn rats does not seem directly related to the hepatic content of bilirubin.

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