1. The distribution of 5 μm 99mTc aerosol particles deposited in the lungs was compared with that of 81mKr gas in 20 asthmatic subjects (FEV1.0≥75% predicted) whose asthma was mild or in remission. Sixteen normal non-smokers and 14 ‘normal’ cigarette smokers were studied as control subjects.

2. Radioaerosol lung penetration in the ‘normal’ smokers was the same as in the normal non-smokers but was reduced in the asthmatic subjects.

3. Radioaerosol penetrated better than 81mKr to the lung apices of normal non-smokers and asthmatic subjects; it penetrated better than 81mKr to the lung bases of the asthmatic subjects.

4. Uneven distribution of aerosol relative to 81mKr related strongly to maximal mid-expiratory flow rate (MMFR) in the asthmatic subjects.

5. Aerosol deposition abnormalities in symptom-free asthmatic subjects may reflect basal airways closure at functional residual capacity and abnormal patterns of lung filling.

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