1. The distribution of the 1α,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol receptor was studied in enterocytes isolated from the upper, mid and lower villus and crypt cells of the jejunum of normal and rachitic rats.

2. In all cell fractions a high-affinity receptor (KD ⋍ 0.07 nmol/l) with a sedimentation coefficient of 3.5S was demonstrated.

3. In normal rats there was a 60% reduction in receptor numbers in crypt cells compared with the mid and upper villous cells.

4. Vitamin D deficiency led to a reduction in receptor numbers in all cell fractions (45% upper villus, 78% crypt cells).

5. The data are compatible with the concept of calcium absorption occurring in the differentiated villous cells and also account for the reduction in absorption in rachitic animals.

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