1. A simplified isotope washout technique has been devised to calculate the skin perfusion pressure (SPP) and skin vascular resistance (SVR). This test is simple, requires inexpensive equipment and is well tolerated by patients.

2. SPP and SVR were calculated in 20 patients <30 years of age, 13 patients ≥.30 years of age and in 15 patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD). With increasing age the SPP and SVR were increased. The SPP was similar to the mean arterial pressure in normal individuals but was decreased in patients with PVD. The SPP is a useful indicator of the severity of the PVD.

3. The SPP and SVR were higher in the calf than in the foot. This is probably related to the decrease in pressure in the distal arterial tree.

4. SPP was increased by 110% and skin blood now by 190% by arterial reconstructive surgery. This test may be of use in assessing the effectiveness of arterial surgery.

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