1. Blood pressure was measured by random zero sphygmomanometer in the morning and afternoon for 5 days after normal delivery in a group of 136 previously normotensive women. The number of women studied each day varied from 32 to 125.

2. The afternoon blood pressure was higher than the morning blood pressure (differences: 1.7 mmHg systolic, 2.6 mmHg diastolic; P < 0.05).

3. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressures rose for the first 4 days after delivery. The average rise over the whole period was about 6 mmHg systolic and 4 mmHg diastolic (P < 0.05).

4. A considerable number of previously normotensive women displayed elevations of blood pressure in the puerperium. Twelve per cent of all patients exceeded a diastolic blood pressure of 100 mmHg.

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