1. A 1% amino acid dialysis solution with a high concentration of the branched-chain amino acids has been compared with 1.36% glucose in short-term studies.

2. The 1% amino acid solution was as effective an agent as 1.36% glucose with respect to ultrafiltration and clearance of creatinine, urea and potassium.

3. Levels of branched-chain amino acids rose to the upper end of the normal range within 1 h and remained at this level over the entire period of the study. Total and non-essential amino acids had returned to baseline by the end of the cycle.

4. Blood glucose rose to significantly greater levels during the 1.36% glucose exchange than during the 1% amino acid exchange. There was an increase in serum insulin levels during both cycles; this was significantly greater with the 1% amino acid solution than the 1.36% glucose.

5. There was no evidence of short-term metabolic complications with the 1% amino acid solution.

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