1. Healthy male volunteers underwent 10 days of hospitalized protein-calorie starvation and a subsequent 10 day repletion phase with complete intravenous nutritional support (IVF). Non-protein calories were provided as either all d-glucose or as 50% d-glucose/50% lipid.

2. In comparison with starvation, whole-body protein breakdown, as assessed by [15N]glycine, [13C]leucine and urinary excretion of 3-methylhistidine (3-MH), was diminished during IVF. The administration of parenteral nutrition did not specifically suppress peripheral tissue protein breakdown, as measured by extremity 3-MH efflux.

3. Despite the differential insulin response to d-glucose/amino acid (50 ± 6 m-units/ml) as compared with the d-glucose/lipid/amino acid regimen (25 ± 4 m-units/ml), there was no difference in nitrogen retention between the regimens. Indirect calorimetric determinations revealed that oxidation of substrate during IVF was related to the proportion of d-glucose and lipid infusion.

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