1. The effects of medium glucose concentration (0–20 mmol/l) and flow (100–33% of normal) on lactate uptake at low lactate concentration were studied in perfused livers from 48-h-starved rats with perfusate pH values of 7.4 and 6.8.

2. Lactate uptake was independent of glucose concentration in the range 5–10 mmol/l, but was slightly inhibited with time at 20 mmol/l glucose. This pattern was independent of perfusate pH.

3. At both pH values lactate uptake decreased proportionally with flow, and at low flow lactate was produced by the livers. The effect of flow was greatest at pH 7.4 where a net lactate production was found at 48% of normal flow, whereas at pH 6.8 lactate production was not seen until the flow was reduced to 33% of normal.

4. When glucose was omitted from the perfusate lactate production ceased at both pH values.

5. The effect of low pH on lactate uptake and production in liver probably reflects inhibition of glycolysis by low pH.

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